My Toolbox

This page is still under construction, but here's a partial list of some resources (web and offline) that you might find useful in your own genealogy research. I'll be adding a lot more information here over here.

The Genealogy Sites:
Cyndi's List. The FIRST place you should go to when starting your genealogy search. She has compiled and categorized nearly 300,000 links that will help you in your genealogical quest. And it's free!
Ancestry. This is where I've built my tree. I also use their software, Family Tree Maker 2011 (for Mac). I'm in no way affiliated with Ancestry, but I do like their products and services.
Footnote. A great place to find census documents, newspaper articles, city directories and other documentation. Fee based
Genealogy Bank. Another great resource for archival news articles. Fee based

Google Search. It's free, and if you know how to use BOOLEAN search terms, you're ahead of the game.
Google Books. You can find a lot great information in out-of-print books here. Some are available for full viewing, some books can be viewed only partially, and some not at all.
Google News. Not just today's news, but news all the way back to the 1860s in their archives.
Google Images. You might just find pictures of yourself and your ancestors here.
Google Translate. Invaluable for translating between nearly 60 different languages. Has really helped me with my Danish ancestry.

Ebay. I've found some really interesting books and magazines that help tell the stories of my ancestors. There's a goldmine here!
Daughters of the American Revolution. Great place to check out if you think you have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Soon, I'll be adding contact information for some of the libraries, historical societies and other offline resources that have helped me with my research. Stay tuned!