Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Resolution: Get This Blog Started Up Again!

Happy New Year! I know, I've been horribly remiss about keeping my little blog up-to-date over the last year or so. I keep telling myself that I need to get writing again, but something else always seems to come up to distract me (too tired from work, too tired from social life, my cat keeps sitting on my laptop, etc.). It's not that I don't enjoy writing blog posts about genealogy and my own fascinating (well, to me, anyway) family. I've even managed to keep up with my research. I just seemed to lose my writing mojo.

So, I've decided to get myself in gear and bring this baby back to life again.

Here is my belated 2013 New Years Resolution: 

Write at least one Shaking Leaves blog post per week this year.

Knowing me, I'll write even more once I get my mojo back. After all, this resolution is more fun and a heck of a lot easier than, say, losing a gajillion pounds (that's another story, and I'm working on it, too...)!

A LOT has happened in the last year or so, and I'm excited to share it with you. Over the next few months, I'll tell you all about stuff like:

  • Meeting more cousins than I even knew I had
  • Uncovering all sorts of fun documents that shed light on my ancestry
  • Fun with AncestryDNA 
  • Discovering a Pilgrim cousin right in my own backyard
  • Finding my mom's half sister (really!)
I hope you'll all find these stories as interesting as I do, and I always look forward to hearing from you via email or the comments section, whether you're related to me, or not. 

Now, I'm off to write a new post for tomorrow. I'm on a roll!!

Happy 2013!

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