Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Joe Bartram Family in Kansas

Here's a photo of my great grandparents, Joseph and Alice (Veale) Bartram and a small part of their very large family (including my maternal Grandpa John Bartram):

This was sent to me by my cousin, Reva. Her great grandfather, Arthur Bartram, is the young man on the right, standing behind the seated older gentleman. Arthur was the nephew of my great grandfather, Joseph Bartram, who came from Herefordshire, England (just on the border with Monmouthshire, Wales), in 1883. Arthur was sent to live with Joseph in 1886, at around the same time his mother, Louisa, was re-marrying (we understand that Arthur's dad may have been a horse jockey who died before he was born).

While I can't verify the identities of everyone in this photo, here's what I think: The handsome, mustachioed man standing in the rear is certainly Joseph Bartram, and I believe that the woman in the dark skirt standing to his right is my great grandmother, Alice A. Veale Bartram. I *think* that the older woman sitting on the left is Alice's mother, Margaret Harriman. I have a photo of her as an older woman, and she has the same dour expression on her face. Who the others are, I have no idea. If any of my Kansas or Indiana cousins see this, maybe they'll be able to help ID some of our kin!

Here's how I'm descended from Joseph Bartram and Alice A. Veale:

1. Joseph Bartram (Great Grandfather)
born 23 Jun 1860 in Dixton, Monmouthshire, Wales
immigrated to Kansas, USA, in 1881 
married Alice A. Veale (1872-1954) on 31 Jul 1891 in Topeka, Shawnee,  Kansas
died 4 Feb 1930 in Clear Lake, Lake, California 

Alice A. Veale (Great Grandmother)
born 26 Nov 1872 in Washington County, Indiana
died 27 Sep 1954 in Clear Lake, Lake County, California

Confirmed children with Alice A. Veale 
1. Roy Bartram (1891-1896)
2. Reva Bartram (1893-1952)
3. Ruth E. Bartram (1895-1988)
4. Robert Adam Bartram (1897-1983)
5. Ralph Bartram (1899-1998)
6. Helen Bartram (1900-1994)
7. Joseph L. Bartram (1902-1998)
8. George Bartram (1904-1972)
9. Florence Irene Bartram (1905-1999) 
10. Raymond "Dutch" Bartram (1907-1954)
11. Eunice Fay Bartram (1909-2009)

12. John Bartram (1911-1987)
13. Grace Bartram (1913-1975)
14. Mildred Lucille Bartram (1915-1990)
15. Lorna C. Bartram (1916-2003)

2. John Bartram (Grandfather)
born 4 Apr 1911 in Allen, Wabaunsee, Kansas
married Donna M. Madsen (1919-1966) on 26 Mar 1938 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada
died 15 Aug 1987 in Tracy, San Joaquin, California 

Confirmed children with Donna M. Madsen
1. Clinton James Bartram (1938-2001)
2. Brenda Rae Bartram (living)

3. Rebecca Elizabeth Bartram (living)
4. Clay John Bartram (living)

3. Rebecca Elizabeth Bartram (Mom)
married William Lee Brittain (1942-2003) on 12 Sep 1964 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada 

Confirmed children with William Lee Brittain
1. Wendy Lee Brittain (me)
2. Cynthia Lynn Brittain (living)

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