Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Dad and Grandma Edith's Southwest Vacation

When my Dad, William Lee Brittain, was about 13 or so, he and my Grandma, Edith Vivian Hunt Brittain, took a trip to Oklahoma to visit relatives. On their way, they did a little sightseeing through the beautiful Southwest. I don't know who the people are who are with them. The older lady looks like she might be related to my paternal great grandmother, Jessie Louetta Halstead Brittain, so it may a relative of hers. As is often the case, there are no markings on the backs of any of the photos.

Grandma Edith and Grandpa Woodie Brittain both grew up in Oklahoma, and were married there before moving to California in 1940. Grandma Edith traveled via Greyhound Bus back home to Oklahoma often to visit her family and work on the family history with her cousin, Fritz.

Here are some fun photos of Dad and Grandma's road trip through the Southwest!

Grandma Edith on the left, and Dad on the right

Anyone up for a carriage ride?

Looks like Dad was getting ready to do some work!

Dad in the middle, and Grandma Edith on the right.
I think the gentleman on the left may have been a cousin.

Fortunately, Dad never tired of the Southwest region, and I was lucky enough to go on a couple wonderful vacations with him and Mom before he passed away. Here's a photo from one of those trips that I'll never forget!

Bill Brittain, Wendy Brittain, and Becky Bartram Brittain
I believe we were on our way to Chaco Canyon that day. 


  1. Awesome find Wendy! I love it when I come a crossed 'new' old photos. I found a couple when I was preparing for Nana's memorial. I was able to gift them to their rightful owners after they confirmed my beliefs on who the individuals were.

    1. Thanks, Vikki! I've been trying to better organize all my scanned photos and documents, and these made me smile.

  2. Don't you love it when they pose next to signs that help us identify the photos?

  3. Great photos Wendy! That's nice that you got to go to the Southwest with them too. We had some great family vacations out there too, so this brought back some memories.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I went on a lot of fun vacations with my parents and sister. I'm glad this brought back fond memories for you, too. =)