Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Louis and Johanna Madsen

Here is the lovely tombstone of my maternal great grandparents, Lars Hansen (Louis) and Johanna Bruhns Madsen. I've already written quite a bit about them in earlier posts. They are buried at the Memory Gardens Odd Fellows cemetery in Livermore, California.
Johanna Bruhns Madsen (1886-1965) and Lars (Louis) Hansen Madsen (1893-1971)
I visit the cemetery often to pay respects to my Grandma and Grandpa Bartram and Aunt Rae and Uncle Rob, but have really neglected old Louie and Hannah. I'm making it my belated resolution to walk over and say "Hi" to them and my cousin, Maryann (who died way too soon), whenever I'm at the cemetery. I look forward to "seeing" them all this Saturday when I stop by on my way to Mom's house for Easter weekend!
Seated: Johanna Bruhns Madsen (with Brenda Bartram on lap) and Lars Hansen Madsen
Standing: Lloyd Madsen, Rae Madsen Christensen and Donna Madsen Bartram (with Jim Bartram in front of her)

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