Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: John and Donna Bartram

John & Donna Bartram
on their wedding day
Here's the tombstone of my maternal grandparents, John Bartram (1911-1987) and Donna Madsen Bartram (1919-1966). They are buried together at the Memory Gardens Odd Fellows Memorial Park cemetery in Livermore, Alameda County, California. Since I live only about 45 minutes from there, and it's on the way to my mom's house, I'm able to visit the cemetery several times a year to pay respects to Grandma and Grandpa as well as several other of our family members who are interred there.

I didn't get to know Grandma Donna since she passed away when I was a baby, but I feel like I know her through the stories told by my mom, her siblings and their cousins. I was lucky to know Grandpa John very well as he lived with us for a good part of the time when my sister, Cindy, and I were growing up. I miss them both and wish they were around to help me tell their colorful stories.
John & Donna Bartram grave, Livermore, CA. Photo taken December 2010.

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