Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Mom and Grandma Donna in Galt, CA

I love this photo of my mom, Rebecca Elizabeth Bartram, and her mom, Donna Marie Madsen! The back of the photo says (spelling error and all) "Uncle Masen at Galt." This appears to be in the very late 1940s. I'm not sure which Uncle Madsen they were visiting. Great Grandpa Louie's older brother, Hans Therkelsen Madsen, had several children and I recall that some of them ended up in Modesto and Galt, so I think it may have been one of his sons. Perhaps my Aunt Brenda can answer that question for us...
Rebecca Elizabeth Bartram & Donna Marie Madsen
Too cute!!

UPDATE: Mom comes to the rescue! Apparently there was an "Uncle Masen," but she's not sure how he fits into the family. Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out that little mystery soon. In any case, I think it's kind of fun to collaborate on our family's history via the Shaking Leaves blog! =)


  1. Hi Wendy, Masen is his 1st name spelled correctly. I don't remember the relationship. Maybe Stanley would. I vaguely remember being there. Too many years ago. I'll try to figure out where Uncle Masen fits in our family.

  2. Thanks, Mom! I'd never heard of an Uncle Masen. =)

  3. Uncle Louis was Grandpa Hans T.'s youngest brother. Grandpa is the oldest. Uncle Masen is also Hans but middle initial C. He is Grandpa and Uncle Louis brother and lived in Galt. There are also the krejci's in Merced their mother was a sister to the boys. Also John Jensen was married to a sister and had Leo and Rasmus who had Shirley, Carol, Alan and George. What do you want to know? I went to their house on Aero when I went to Denmark and Grandpa's nephew has the farm now. He got $400,000 crone for the land the windmill is on and had on a lavender long sleeved shirt with overalls. I thought that was cute. Cousin Karen

  4. My name in Danish is Karen Maren Masen.

  5. Hans C and Hans T were instrumental in forming the Danish lodge here in Livermore. Grandpa did not meet Uncle Louis until he came here. I thought he was 14 when he came. Uncle Louis was born after Grandpa and Grandma left in 1891.Don't get me started!!!

  6. Well hello, Cousin Karen! Thanks for helping to clear up some of this. These are the siblings I have for my great grandpa Louie:

    * Hans Therkelsen Madsen 1870 – 1956 (married Maren Christensen)
    * Kirsten Madsen 1872 –
    * Peder Madsen 1875 –
    * Sidsel Marie Madsen 1877 –
    * Anna Madsen 1879 –
    * Margrethe Madsen 1881 – 1954
    * Hansine Christine Madsen 1884 – 1951 (she married John Jensen, and they brought great grandpa Louie to Livermore in 1908)
    * Laurine Madsen 1886 –
    * Ellen Marie Madsen 1888 – 1941 (she married Frank Krejci)
    * Lars Hansen Madsen (great grandpa Louie) 1893 – 1971 (yes, he came here when he was 14, but not naturalized until he was 23)

    So, am I missing Hans C. here? I'm still not sure where he fits in.

    I've seen photos of the farm from another distant Madsen relative who is still in Denmark. I'm dying to go to Aero someday soon!

    Also, did you see the post I wrote a few months ago on here about Dania Hall?

    We should get together and talk sometime. I live in SF but go to Livermore often enough still. You can email me at wendy.brittain@gmail.com if you like.

    Hope all is well!
    Cousin Wendy

  7. Wow! You got some good info from Karen, Wendy.
    I remember Aunt Rae talking about Uncle Masen quite often.