Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday: GGG Grandparents, Claus Schlichtmann and Anna Sophia von der Lieth

When I was home in Tracy, California, a few weeks ago, I stopped by the Tracy Area Genealogical Society (TAGS) to do a little research on my Bruhns and Schlichtmann family. I had known that my Germans came to California in the 1860s and 1870s, and were successful farmers in the Tracy area, but I really didn't know an awful lot more about them prior to their arrival in the States. I was surprised to find that the TAGS group had a LOT of information about my Tracy pioneers, including some fantastic photos.

My favorite picture that I unearthed that day is this one. It's of my GGG grandparents, Claus Schlichtmann (1831-1899) and Anna Sophia von der Lieth (1830-1901). 

I had never seen a photo of either of them before, and it somehow really touched me to look upon the faces of these brave maternal ancestors who risked a lot to bring their family to a whole new world of opportunities. In addition to the photos I found at the TAGS office, there are more documents that tell the story of how the Schlichtmanns came to the US, and to Tracy, California. There's even a bit of romantic mystery that needs some more research (perhaps, we're related to German royalty!). More to come on all of that in the weeks ahead. 

Meanwhile, please say hello to Claus and Anna!

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