Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: The Men in my Family

I've been on a serious scanning frenzy since I got my new Flip-Pal scanner a couple of weeks ago. Wow, has it brought back some wonderful memories from my childhood. Here's a picture I found that made me happy to see some of the men in our family who have since left us. It's from Christmas 1979, and it's in the kitchen of our old house on Koster Road in Tracy, California.

From left to right: Uncle Clay Bartram, Grandpa John Bartram (1911-1987),
Dad - William Lee Brittain (1942-2003), Uncle Jim Bartram (1938-2001),
Uncle Rob Christensen (1920-1995)

We had lots of fun parties at that house way out in the country, and our close family and friends often gathered there for holidays. The men in our family were all sweet, good-natured guys. As you can see, they also liked their cigarettes and whiskey (I'm guessing my dad is holding a Canandian Mist in this picture -- probably where I got my love of good whiskey!).

I had to laugh a little looking at the ruffly mint curtains, green and white checkered wallpaper and, um, art in the background, but that was really stylish back in the '70s! Funny, we lived in that house only from 1974-1984, but I still have a lot of really vivid dreams that are set there.


  1. What a fun picture and full of memories for you.

  2. Thanks, Grace! I'm a lucky girl in that I have lots of great family memories. =)