Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Monday: Who ARE these people?

Last year, I met a distant cousin via My great grandfather, Joseph Bartram, was the uncle to her great grandfather, Arthur Bartram. They were both born in Monmouthshire County, Wales, and both immigrated to Kansas in the 1880s. Arthur was still a young boy at the time, and we understand that he lived with his Uncle Joseph for some time. A few months ago, my cousin emailed a couple of photos to me and asked if I could tell who these folks were. We are sure that they are photos of the Joseph and Alice Bartram family in Kansas, but don't know who the individuals are.

We think the pictures were sent to Arthur's family by my someone in Joseph's family, probably one of his daughters. As you can see, there is writing on the back of each photo, but it still doesn't offer much information that we can use. We do know that Ida is one of Arthur's daughters (born in 1913), and it appears that Joseph is keen to see her. 
Picture 1 (front and back): I'm pretty sure that the older couple standing in the rear right are my great grandparents, Joseph Bartram and Alice Veale Bartram. The others are all a mystery.

Picture 2 (front and back): I *think* that the older woman on the right may be my great grandmother, Alice Veale Bartram. She looks a lot like my Grandpa John and his older brother, Ralph. I'm not 100% sure on this, and have no idea who are the others in the photo. 

I've posted the pictures to the Dead Fred website in hopes that someone out there might be able to help -- you never know.

Here are the people in Joseph and Alice's immediate family. Maybe someone reading this will be able to solve our mystery! 

Joseph Bartram
Birth 23 June, 1860 in Dixton, Monmouthsire, Wales, UK
Death 4 Feb, 1930 in Clear Lake, Lake County, California, USA 

Married: Alice A. Veale on 31 Jul 1891 in Topeka, Kansas, USA
Birth 26 Nov 1871 Washington County, Indiana, USA
Death 27 Sep 1954 in Clear Lake, Lake County, California, USA 

Their many children:
  • Roy Bartram 1891-1896
  • Reva Bartram 1893-1952
  • Ruth E. Bartram 1895-1988
  • Robert Adam Bartram 1897-1983
  • Ralph Bartram 1899-1998
  • Helen Bartram 1900-1994
  • Joseph Bartram 1902-1998
  • George Bartram 1904-1972
  • Florence Irene Bartram 1905-1999
  • Raymond "Dutch" Bartram 1907-1954
  • Eunice Fay Bartram 1909-2009
  • John Bartram 1911-1987 (my maternal grandfather)
  • Grace Bartram 1913-1975
  • Mildred Lucille Bartram 1915-1990
  • Lorna C. Bartram 1916-2003

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