Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: John Bruhns & Christina Schlichtmann

Mr. and Mrs. John & Christina Bruhns
on their wedding day
Yesterday, I posted the gravestone and story of my great great grandfather, John Bruhns. For Wedding Wednesday, here's John and his wife, Christina, in happier times.

John Bruhns (b. July 20, 1848) was married on November 3, 1881, in San Francisco, California, to Christina Marguerita Schlichtmann (b. March 20, 1862). Both were born in Germany and immigrated to California. John arrived as a young man in 1870, while Christina and her mother followed her father, Claus, to America as a baby in 1863. Both the Bruhns and Schlichtmann families were early pioneers in my own hometown of Tracy, California.

John and Christina Bruhns were successful farmers and respected citizens in Tracy, California, and they raised a happy family, including four girls and a boy: Matilda, Christina, Johanna (my great grandma), Bertha and John Jr.

My cousin, Vikki, shared with me these wonderful wedding pictures of our great great grandparents. They were taken in San Francisco on November 3, 1881.

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