Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday Madness: Weird Google Searches That Lead to my Blog

One of the fun things about keeping a blog is paying attention to the stats surrounding my visitors. Don't worry, I can't see who you actually are, but Blogger (the Google property that hosts this blog) shows me some interesting statistics surrounding my readers. For example, I can see by hour, day and month the following:
  • Page views
  • Which posts are viewed
  • Traffic sources (which websites have led you to my blog)
  • Countries where my visitors are at the time of their visit
Some of the most fascinating statistics, however, that Blogger shares with me are the actual Google Search strings that lead various visitors to my posts. Some of them make complete sense, such as the searches on specific names or locations that are mentioned in my posts. Some are so completely random, though, that I've started keeping track of them (spelling/grammar errors and all). Since they crack me up, I thought you all might get a kick out of them, too. Who knows, you may even recognize a search string that originally led you to one of my posts! Please do enjoy:
  • james genea cars trick 
  • christian lilienthal and gena 
  • mayo cake like grandma use to bake 
  • family tree hello my name is lables 
  • actual treasure chest 
  • what is heather locklear grandfathers name 
  • genealogy song about my grandpa was a horse theif 
  • what to give a grandfather for his 100th birthday 
  • old photograph baby image 
  • navy seals iv identification card 
  • thursday baby
  • updated discharge certificate 
  • fun adventures at night 
Ok, I did write a post about mayonnaise cake and, yes, I mentioned Heather Locklear in an old post (although, we are not related in any way). But I can't imagine that those strings would bring Shaking Leaves to within the top of any Google search results. The last search string is my favorite. I had no idea someone might think of my little family history blog as a source of "fun adventures at night"! 


  1. "order for the solemnization of marriage from the book of common worship" is a search term that led someone to my blog. I mentioned that exact title in a post about my grandparents' 1931 wedding (May 18, 2011 at my From Maine to Kentucky blog). Most other search terms seem to make sense.

  2. To the fourth one I'd be tempted to reply, "How d'ya do, lables!"