Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday: James, Ethel and baby Edith Brittain in 1920 Oklahoma

Here's one of my favorite photos from my Dad's family. It's a picture of my great grandparents, James William Hunt (1881-1961) and Ethel Modena Martindale Hunt (1896-1977), and their baby daughter, my Grandma Edith Vivian Hunt Brittain (1920-1993). It appears to have been taken soon after Grandma Edith was born (April 1, 1920, in Slick, Creek County, Oklahoma).
It looks like James is looking lovingly at his new little girl. I had always heard he was a sweet man.
I wonder if they were living in the tent. There appears to be furniture inside it, and the person taking the picture seemed to make sure that he or she got the entire tent in the shot. The 1920 US census, in which they were enumerated in January of that year, shows them living next door to James' brother, Melvin Dean Hunt, and his wife, Veatrice. Perhaps the tent was on their land? James and Melvin were both laborers in the oil fields, and not wealthy, so it's entirely possible that the young couple made their first home in a tent. By the 1930 census, both couples had moved from that area. Makes me feel grateful for the four solid walls and roof that my parents were always able to put over our heads.

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