Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Raymond "Dutch" Bartram - 1907-1954

Raymond "Dutch" Bartram
I'm one of those strange people who loves traipsing through cemeteries. I love to pay respects to my own ancestors, but I'm really happy just to go exploring any old cemetery, admiring the beautiful gravestones and wondering about the lives of the people who now reside in these permanent homes.
Dutch and his sister, Grace Bartram
One of my favorite family graves, though, is that of my Great Uncle Dutch (aka Raymond Bartram), who was born September 1, 1907, in Harveyville, Kansas. Dutch was my Grandpa John's older brother and rodeo partner-in-crime. He and Grandpa John were the first of our Bartram pioneers in California. Having caught a freight train out here to start their cowboy lives, they eventually went back to Kansas, and then came back to the Golden State with their parents and several other siblings.

Tragically, Uncle Dutch's life was cut short on January 12, 1954, when he was walking across San Pablo Avenue and was hit by a bus. His wife, Helen, had this wonderful gravestone made as a tribute to his full, yet too short, life.
Dutch was buried at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward, Alameda County, California. The tribute reads:
I have hung up my spurs and saddle
Put my horse in the old Corral
Bid Goodbye to my pals in the bunkhouse
And the range that I loved so well.


  1. What a cool gravestone! I love reading about your rodeo/cowboy heritage. :)

  2. Thanks, Jen! I'm such a city girl now, but I really do embrace my cowboy heritage. Those guys were just so cool!