Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follow Friday: March 25, 2011

There have been a lot of really fantastic posts on the genealogy blogs this week, and I'd like to share a few of them. Please check out these blogs and send 'em some love!
Heather over at Leaves for Trees was on a roll this week. I enjoyed her Sorting Saturday post, where she shares with us her ingenious document record log as well as her Tuesday's Tip on how to set up an Ancestor Military chart. Awesome! My favorite, though, was Thursday's post on Genealogy ADD. Why? Because I suffer from it, too!

Marian at Roots & Rambles posed an interesting question: If you were a ghost, which room would you haunt?

For Military Monday and Women's History Month, Deb from Adventures in Genealogy wrote about Anna Ella Carroll, an unsung military genius of the Civil War, who happened to be a woman. 

Over at Leaves Of Heritage Genealogy, I learned what it means to "Close Your Eyes to What You Know" in order to open your mind to other possibilities.

I've been inspired by Amy Coffin at The We Tree Genealogy Blog to help digitize every surviving estate inventory for Colonial and Charleston South Carolina from 1732 to 1872, as well as Bills of Sale from the same period. Why is the Restore the Ancestors project so important? Because it also helps to restore the histories of a group of Americans who have been overlooked for generations -- slaves -- and allow their descendants to search some of the few records that may exist for them. 
Thanks to my fellow family historians who have kept me entertained and informed all week long!

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