Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Lafayette Cemetery #1

I'm vacationing in New Orleans this week. I love this city SO MUCH! I've been here a few times now, and I always feel at home. As in, this could be my home. Well, if it weren't for the dreadful heat and humidity in the summer... Anyway, given the kinship I feel with N'Awlins, it dismays me that I somehow have absolutely no ancestors from anywhere in Louisiana. How did that happen??

Since I don't have of my own ancestors here, I thought I'd share with you some other people's dearly departed. We just visited the Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District. If you ever come to NOLA, you must visit the hauntingly gorgeous above-ground cemeteries. This is one of the most beautiful. There's so much history in this one large city block. I could spend hours here, looking at each and every inscription and gorgeously sculpted statuary, and never get bored.

Here are some of my favorite monuments to those Louisiana souls who have passed before us:

Location:New Orleans, LA

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  1. My husband doesn't like cemeteries...I'm the opposite. I've always found them peaceful, albeit a bit of an odd choice for a walk (though I've been known to do it).

    All the times I've been in NOLA, I've gone to at least one cemetery. I find them more interesting because of the above-ground part. I remember asking my "aunt" about that when I was in middle school and we were visiting. I had no idea why cemeteries were above-ground there. It fascinated me, even then. I was so used to our regular cemeteries here in Wisconsin that it never occurred to me that they would be any different.

    Love it :)