Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: John & Dutch Bartram with Cousin Helen

Here's another photo from Cousin Vikki's collection. This is of my Grandpa John Bartram, his brother, Raymond ("Dutch"), and their Cousin, Helen. I believe that this particular cousin is Helen Veale, who was born in around 1909 in Kansas to William Elmer Veale and Artie Barlow. William Elmer Veale was the son of my great great grandparents, George Elmer Veale and Margaret Harriman, and the younger brother of my great grandmother, Alice A. Veale.
John Bartram, Helen Veale and Dutch Bartram in 1927
As you can see, the photo was taken in 1927. It must have been taken in California, as Helen and her family were settled in Richmond, California, by the 1920 United States census, and were in Oakland, California, by 1930. Dutch was also in Northern California by that time. I know that Grandpa John had permanently settled in the Bay Area when he hopped a west-bound freight train at the age of 16, which was in 1927, so that makes sense.

Until I started going through census documents, I had not realized that any of our family had settled in California prior to Uncle Dutch and Grandpa John. I'm sure my great grandmother was comforted to know that there were relatives already here to help look after her boys until she got there herself!


  1. Aunt Rae specifically pulled this photo from the pile to tell me about the freight train adventure. She said the photo was taken upon Grandpa Johns arrival in California. This particular photo was given to me on one of my many fact finding trips to speak with family. The more trips the more eager they were to share. I think I sparked memories and they would dig things up to share on our next visit. Some family would pull out photos to give to me and others were only willing to show (my loss). Aunt Lena, on my Dad's side, had this fabulous photo album/music box. She didn't understand my portable scanner wouldn't hurt her photos. Sadly when she passed I lost my opportunity to record and share those cherished images. I think I'll ask my Nana, I'm attending her 99th birthday in two weeks, if she knows who do contact about trying to track it down.

  2. Thanks, Vikki. I had never seen this photo (or may of the others) before you shared it, so it's great to learn the history behind it.

    Give Nana a huge hug and kiss for me when you see her on her 99th bday!! She was always so sweet to all of us kids, even the ones who weren't her own!