Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sorting Saturday: I Hit The Motherload at Mom's House!

I'm at my mom's house this weekend. As you might notice from some of her comments on my posts here, she's been very encouraging when it comes to both my family history obsession and my blog. Last night, though, she outdid herself. She casually mentioned that she had "some old family pictures and documents" that she wanted me to go through. I thought I had already sifted through most of what she had, but I was wrong. She hauled out four or five drawers plus a small file box chock full o' my family's history! Both sides, too!!!

There are some really great, old photos as well as obituaries and newspaper articles, greeting cards and report cards. There are also letters and documents that tell a sad story of loss that is still deeply felt in our family. I've already started scanning the stuff from Mom's side of the family (yes, I do carry my Flip-Pal scanner with me on trips like this). There are a boatload of super old pictures from my dad's side, too, and I think I'm just going to take those home with me.

The picture, above, doesn't show the full spectrum of what Mom bestowed on me because I'd already spent a few hours sorting through and scanning before I thought to dig out my own camera to gloat share with you all. As you can see, though, I still have a lot of sorting to do with all this treasure. Stay tuned to this space for more pictures and stories from my genealogy Motherload!


  1. How exciting! That will keep you busy for quite a while, but what a find! I have to ask ... how did your mom forget she had all that stuff? LOL

  2. Haha! She didn't forget, but she's moved and bought a house and got married in the last couple of years, so I think it's just taken awhile to get to this particular batch of goodies.

  3. How wonderful! Yes, I am jealous - but so happy for anyone to get a treasure trove like this :-)

  4. It always pays to start your research in your own backyard. Congrats on the treasures!

  5. One of my sisters has a box full of photos and she doesn't really care about them but she also won't give them up. I went through them one day while visiting her and found a picture of my grandparents that I had never met or seen before and it was so exciting. She was so nonchalant about them being in there. Scream.
    I got together an big envelope full of them that she was going to get her granddaughters to scan for me and send to me but this just hasn't happened. She does not live close by or I would do it myself.